PathFinder ” A Purpose Journey for Teens”

PathFinder ” A Purpose Journey for Teens”

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When you were a kid, did anyone ever discuss with you matters related to your purpose? For me, I can say "no". Sometimes, I look back on life and I wonder, "What if"? What if someone would have asked me questions such as, "Shaun, what do you think you can offer to the world" or " Shaun, how do you plan on making your life count"? Any of these questions would have slightly altered the way I viewed the world. In my class, my job isn’t to tell your child what to think, my job is to get them to think. I will be their guide, not their guru. Math, English, Science, Social Studies, and other classes are important, but understanding " Your Why" is one of the most pivotal realizations we will make in our lives. My class is going to be engaging. It is going to be fun, but most of all, it will be life-changing. I understand "My Why." Hopefully, I can help your child do the same.


P.S. I also love talking about Economics, Financial Literacy, Career Choices, and Entrepreneurship as well.


FYI – This is a 7-week course consisting of 7 lessons.


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How do you define purpose?

Purpose: the reason for being or the reason why one exists.

What is IKIGAI?

IKIGAI is a Japanese concept that means "reason for being".

Is this a religious course?

This is not a religious course. I believe in God, but I will teach this course the same way I would in a secular setting. However, I am open definitely open to discussions about God and my faith in a one-on-one setting.

Is this a business or entrepreneurship course?

This is not a business or entrepreneurship course directly, however, I do believe successful entrepreneurs live with passion and purpose and are good at setting and accomplishing goals. In this course, passion, purpose, growth mindset, and goal setting will be discussed.

How many lessons come with this course?

This course will consist of 7 lessons.
Lesson 1 – Intro/IKIGAI
Lesson 2 – "What do you love to do?"
Lesson 3 – "What are you good at?"
Lesson 4 – "What does the world need?"
Lesson 5 – "What can you be paid for?"
Lesson 6- "The goal and the plan."
Lesson 7- Outro/ "The Purpose Journey"


The course in total will last 7 weeks, 1 lesson per week.

What is the age range for this course?


Who is the course designed for?

I believe everyone should understand their purpose. However, I believe teens who are struggling with self-confidence, self-esteem, or finding their place in the world, will greatly benefit from this course.

Is the Monday and Saturday course the same?

The Monday and Saturday course are the same.

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