Sewing Simple Plush Toys By Hand

Sewing Simple Plush Toys By Hand

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Class Description


In this class we will be making a small plush toy from start to finish! Using my “Finch” pattern each student will sew their own version, and the pattern can easily be modified into different animals. There are a few materials you’ll need so be sure to check the list. I hope you’ll join me for some fun sewing.


Class Requirements


All you need is a desire to make some cute, simple plush and a little bit of time.


Class Supplies


1 Fabric- you will of course need some fabric but it can be any type that you want and any amount will do, if you have less you would just make a smaller plush.
2 Needle and thread- in order to sew you will need at least one needle and some thread, I like to match the color thread to the fabric but it’s not necessary for the class.
3 Scissors
4 Paper or tissue paper- this is what we will use for pattern making.
5 Sewing pins- these are important so make sure you have some, any type will do the trick.
6 Something to draw with- a pen, pencil, crayon etc. Just something to draw the pattern out.
7 You’ll need something to stuff your plush with, this can be pollyfil, leftover fabric scraps, rice or beans if you’d like a bean bag type plush
8 *optional* Felt for accessories



Do I need to know how to sew before taking the class?

Nope! If you do then great, but we’re going to go through the whole process together.

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