Simple nail art. Emphasis: Dotting

Simple nail art. Emphasis: Dotting

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Class Description


In this class you will learn simple nail art.
We will starting with dotting designs dots can create so many fun designs from clouds to emoji faces to puppy paws! Lets design and shine!


Class Requirements


Its important to be on time find a quiet place to work. You will need to have a flat surface with all supplies at your fingertips. You will also need a small hand towel to protect your table and make clean up a breeze.


Class Supplies


Basic supplies will be needed. (Most can be found in your home.
Small towel
Clean leveled table (workspace)
paper towels (not for polish removal)
A nail file.
Pointy Q-Tip’s for clean-up (optional)
Nail Buffer (optional)
Hair Pin or Pencil
Nail polish colors of your liking minimum of two.
Any crafty glitter.
cotton balls/rounds (no tissue/paper towel) for polish removal
Polish Remover 100% Acetone
A clear base coat (optional)
A clear top coat.



What if my art doesn't look the way I want it to? From mess to masterpiece.

We make it a masterpiece. Sometimes we have an idea of what we want it to look like but its ok to keep an open mind lets turn it into something else.

How do I polish my nails without getting it on my skin?

I will teach you how to polish like a pro. But it is not the end of the world we can clean up the polish if we color outside the lines.

Are my nails to short for designs?

Most nails can be designed at any length with the exception of a few nail biters nails.

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