Journey to Self Love: (Youth Edition)

Journey to Self Love: (Youth Edition)

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Class Description


In this class, we will discuss how to love yourself.


1. Have you ever felt sad and didn’t know why?
2. Do you do things to make other’s happy, even when you are not happy?
3. Have you felt lost or confused?


Well this class is going to help you figure out how to get through all of those questions, those feelings and more!


Are you excited to become your highest self?!


I do hope you are ready, my beautiful children!


I am here to teach YOU how to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST!


Class Requirements


Be honest.
Be open.
Be mindful.


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Who are you, you look too young to teach?

I am quite young, but I believe I am very wise. I truly believe that I know nothing, so I am always open to learn more.

Will this be scary?

Absolutely! One thing about love, its evil twin is fear. They both can not exist in the same place. We must choose which one we want to live under.

Can I share with my parents what I learned in this course?

Yes, most definitely. I invite you to ask them to join you for our sessions. As they can learn everything you learn.

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