Comic Characters for Beginners

Comic Characters for Beginners

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Class Description


This is a Comic Characters class for beginners. Over the course of this class I will be showing you how to draw simplified comic characters and simplified anatomy as well as other ways of creating a hero or villain of your very own. This class is for anyone who is looking to learn how to draw for the first time, or if you drawn in the past and just want a refresher course.


Class Requirements


Ages 10 – 17 . Must have a willingness to learn, and must be friendly and respectful of all other students in the class. I will strive to provide a great program for everybody enrolled. To do this, I have expectations of behavior in our class (respect for the instructor, respect for fellow students, and respect for the content). If a student chooses not to be respectful, the student will be issued a warning. If the issue continues, the next step will be a call to the parents to help resolve the situation. The third and final step if the issue is not resolved is removal from the program. In this way we will all feel safe and can have lots of fun with this course.


Class Supplies


What you will need for this course is as follows:


You will need paper. At least 10 sheets. Computer paper, sketch paper, etc. I would stay away from notebook paper, or any paper that is not that thick. This is because the paper will need to stand up to lots of erasing. This brings us to the next thing needed.


You will need a good eraser. I recommend using a handheld easer.


You will need a good pencil to use. I recommend a mechanical pencil because you get finer lines and no need for sharping. You can also use a standard #2 pencil. If you use a #2 pencil, then you will need a sharpener.


You will need some type a fin liner pen. Sharpie Pens will work, a ballpoint pen can do the job, but it will make it harder for the student. The pen colors must be black.


You will also need coloring tools. Colored pencils, crayons, makers etc.


After you have all the materials you will need to establish a comfortable space with lots of light to work in.



Will the parents know what goes on during the course?

yes they will. I make it a point to keep all parents in the loop on all things that will thought within the class as well all things being asked of the students.

Will the parents have a chance to meet the instructor?

Yes. I make it a point to meet the parents on day 1 of the course. I also make it very easy for the parents to reach me with any questions comments or concerns.

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