Tai Chi with Silky : Parent & Me

Tai Chi with Silky : Parent & Me

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Class Description


Tai Chi is a slow moving exercise for everyone, which benefits people with Arthritis, Diabetes, Heart Problems, Anxiety, Depression, Back Problems, and other health issues.


Tai Chi :
Reduces stress.
Improves mood.
Improves balance.
Better sleep.
Promotes weight loss.
Improves cognition in older adults.
Reduces risk of falling in older adults.
Improves Fibromyalgia symptoms.
Improves Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) symptoms.


Classes run every month all throughout the year from January to December. Deadline for Enrollment for each month is two days before the first day of class. Anyone can join at anytime.



Class Requirements


Just yourself.


Silence and order in your surroundings with no distractions.


Wear comfortable loose clothes.


Good internet connection.


White or solid colored and/or plain background, if possible.


Good lighting system.


Enough room space to move about freely.


No eating. But can drink water.


Class Supplies


1.) Optional: Two different solid colored soft rubber balls, just enough for each hand to hold one. Right Hand will hold the darker solid colored ball and the Left Hand will hold the lighter solid colored ball. These are for color coding the Left and the Right hand.


2.) Light Chair without armrests


3.) Bottled Water


4.) Hand Towel to wipe sweat



Do I need to know some Tai Chi to join this class?

No, you do not need to know some Tai Chi to join this class.

Can I have drinking water with me during class?

Yes, you can have drinking water with you during class. You can drink water during class.

What should I wear in class?

Wear comfortable clothes, wherein you can move about freely. Your body, legs, and arms should be able to move about freely.

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