Thanksgiving Break Art Class!

Thanksgiving Break Art Class!

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Class Description


This is a child-friendly art class that allows students from 7-11 years old to be able to make beautiful art works from their own room. They will be accessing YouTube, and Google Slides through Zoom with me, and will be able to review the information with you if you please!


Class Requirements


Child should be between 2nd-5th grade.
Should have access to YouTube.


Class Supplies


-sketchbook/paper (8.5 x 11 is good)
-color pencils
-pencil (NOT mechanical pencil)



Does my child need previous art experience for the class?

No! The class is simple enough for them to come in with no prior knowledge.

Will there be any repeat lessons with this instructor?

Never! I always have fresh, new, easy to understand material for the kids.

Will we be using messy materials?

No we will not. I enclose my class with easy to put away materials, that we should already have in our backpacks from school.

No Schedules Currently Available.