US History 1

US History 1

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Every week I will cover a different era of American History. Students will learn through an interactive lecture in class. A handout will be provided every week with all the information contained in the lecture. I will also be posting discussion questions in the classroom for each of our topics.The discussion questions will be critical thinking questions. I want my students to focus more on the why of history, not just memorization of dates and names. This will be a great class for homeschoolers or any learner that would like to learn more about American History.
Week 1 The New World (Life in colonial America)
Week 2 Revolutionary War (conflicts that led up to war, battles and resolution)
Week 3 The Declaration Of Independence and The Constitution ( overview of the contents and importance of each document)
Week 4 Slavery (slave culture, underground railroad, and freedom)
Week 5 Civil War ( conflict that led up to the Civil War, battles, and notable historical figures)
Week 6 Life in Turn of The Century America ( The growth of cities, industries, and life in turn of the century America)
Week 7 The Great Depression ( what caused the Great Depression, life in America during the Great Depression, and how the Great Depression ended)
Week 8 World War 1(a conflict that led up to the war, the involvement of the United States in the war and notable historical figures)


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