Zoology-Cartooning Animals A-Z

Zoology-Cartooning Animals A-Z

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Class Description


This class attempts to cover the entire animal kingdom, one group at a time. We will start with invertebrates – discussing and drawing insects, spiders, crabs, and the like. Class 2 covers all kinds of fish, from sharks and rays to eels and trout. Class #3 is dedicated to reptiles and amphibians – frogs, lizards, crocodiles. Class 4 deals with birds – basic bird types as well as unique birds like owls and penguins. Class 5 covers mammals in all their running, swimming, and flying forms.
We will also create scenes that show many different animals: swimming, flying, and interacting in a natural setting.


During each class, the instructor will be making simple drawings of the animals. The students are expected to draw along at home and add their distinctive style. We will pause the instruction at times to take a look at the students’ artwork. The only requirements for the class are an interest in making art and learning about animals. The class can accommodate new artists as well as those with more experience.


Class Requirements




Class Supplies


The only required supplies are pencil and paper. A sketchbook is recommended, as is a set of colored markers or pencils.


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