Painting with James

Painting with James

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Class Description


Come experience the joy of painting as I take you through the basics of painting your favorite pop culture characters and scenes. We will create fun, dynamic, and engaging artworks with acrylic while also develop a love and appreciation for painting. Whether its Sonic or Mario we have you covered!


Class Requirements


The only requirement is that you have access to the supplies listed below, and a nice bright space to paint!


Class Supplies


-A set of Acrylic Brushes( a large flat, a medium round, and a small round ),


-9 x 12 canvas or illustration board.


– A basic set of acrylics primary colors (ie Black, White, Red, Blue, and Yellow ) is fine.


– Two wells to store water. Old cups are fine


– Paper towels





Can beginners take this class? What is the appropriate age range for this class?

Yes! This class is designed to accomodate children who are taking their first steps into the world of painting, and to foster a love and appreciation for the medium while having fun! The age range for this class is 6-9.

How much are classes? How long is each term?

Classes are an hour and are 25 dollars per session. Terms are broken down into 8 week session.

Does the material change from session to session?

Yes! We like to keep things new and fresh as far as painting subjects are concerned!

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