Jazlinn England

Assistant Professor

Hello fellow animation nerds! My name is Jazlinn England, and I have been fascinated with the art and skills of animation since I was a very young child. Unfortunately, I was not able to pursue an education in said field, but I have spent the better part of my life, learning it's ins, outs, and tricks of the trade. From character design to fully realized 2-D animation, and so much more in between! I can also offer help to those who simply wish to learn how to navigate YOU-TUBE, TIK-TOK, INSTAGRAM, etc. If you too are interested in animation, you've come to the right place. I can help! Sign up and join me for a class or two!

Hello! This is my story

I was raised in a small country town in Indiana. I had/have many pets, and lots of wildlife surrounding me, my entire life, and I feel blessed to have always been surrounded by these magnificent creatures. This is where my love of creating anthropomorphic characters began. My forte is using these characters in short films, and music videos. I also enjoy singing, writing music, playing the ukelele, and making and designing cosplay.

My Education

Self educated
Beginner animation
Youtube/tiktok editor

My Experience

Google docs
Self - employed