Timothy Mucha

Social Media Strategist

I work full-time for an association dedicated to health care providers serving on the front lines. My role as Social Media Strategist was the first of its kind at the association as a result of my hard work, innovation and proven results. Daily, I work in social media and other PR and communications efforts.

Prepare to roll initiative

Dungeons and Dragons has become a huge passion of mine! I’ve always enjoyed board games and rpg style video games. The opportunity to combine the two was more than welcomed.

I’ve played Dungeons and Dragons for several years now and have done so as both dungeon master and PC. I continue to learn more and more about the game as I go along and want to bring that fun, excitement and passion to others to expand the game, and keep it alive in future generations.

My Education

Roosevelt University
Integrated Marketing Communications (2012)
Southern New Hampshire University
MS Digital Marketing (2022)

My Experience

Emergency Nurses Association
Social Media Strategist